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The Inner Desire Is To Know
AS Alison Smith (22nd February 1957 / Orange, New South Wales, Australia)

The Inner Desire Is To Know

The Inner desire what is it?
It’s the craving to love and be loved
It’s the abandonment of all restraints
A time when your whole only with another.

Deep within your soul
A place awaits for a union
Where like minds can reside
Where trust has no bounds.

The inner desire is to know
That you are only half
And that another must complete the link
Where no doubt will ever enter.

Bodies can unite, but there is only hollowness
But when the inner desire is fulfilled
Then the hollowness goes too
To achieve this is true completeness,

Who will complete the goddess?
Can there be found an equal?
The combining will be long
But well worth the battle

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An Ethereal slant to this piece, and i like the language & tone...Solid Work, Alison F.J.R.