The Inner Me

The moment is silent,
like the water
when there is no wind.
So silent outside the inner
me, like there is no one
else at this planet called earth

The inner me
spinning like a windmill
driven by an impetuous storm.
Outside there is silent, but
my inner space feels like
a train passing through.

My soul is screaming
like a sanguineous enemy.
Wounded by a pilow
into my sole, with a vigour
like a volcano that exclaim;
Set me free!

by Kristine Boe

Comments (2)

this poem is really poignant and vivid and inspiring. thanks, your a great poet Athena *** words will change the world ***
A massively powerful poem, Kristine! It's so very easy to feel alone and unnoticed in a world that looks as if it's moving at the speed of light or the speed of 'advancement'. At the end of the day all we have is who we are, but it's when we least expect it that someone very special has taken notice of us... *10* Be Well