The Inner You

Words carry the most amazing power this world has yet to notice. Words should not be hidden in fear or by acting upon someone else's wrongful judgement. People have stories that are unknown to some. To judge & disrespect a person without knowledge of how it is they got to that place is a cause of a constant hunger that one needs to feed on to feel superior. A pitiful notion that has displayed from the cause of their own unstable standards they cannot uphold. The people that posses virtue & truth tend to destroy themselves out of fear, but its their words & the act of sacrifice is what this world needs more of to change for the better. Everything in life is powerless without our reactions, but its our reactions that we all fear. -do what you fear, fear disappears- Most people will only notice the change in your attitude towards them but will not notice their behavior that caused that change. Thoughtfulness for others, generosity, modesty, & self respect are qualities we all are capable of but chose not to. To those who do should be considered heroes for displaying strength for the weak. Make this world better by doing the impossible. A word itself that even to this day goes unseen to most. Use what makes you unique, to show the world your self inner strength for kindness by making your own space in impossible. Impossible - I'm ^ Possible, be the arrow. Beautiful isn't it?

by Miiya Skky

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