The Innocents

When a pact is made with Providence for the bond of an innocent
Your soul must know the fullness of the charge
To question a responsible on the attraction of such bonds the words that jump immediately to mind
Love unencumbered
Devotion notwithstanding
Affection without detriment
A life devoted to one
Without stray
Without want

A bond without hindrance ere the eye can see
Oft times the circumstance thus engaged will be

Of the Oracle I bear a message for souls eager to partake
Your deed will be noted, your bond of faith most kind, for this innocent you have now spoken your two paths ever to be twined.

Take counsel bonded brethren old words I’ve come to learn are said to be passed through the ages, but their reputations have been earned.
For ages immemorial Providence maintains poise
What is dissonance to an ear of green an ache of great discord
Only grows in pain and volume as you are hurled ever closer toward
But as your eyes are seared with the light as strikingly sharp as glass
It’s not what you remember though days and years may pass

Once open they will never close
Once wise to what you’ve seen
Once dried and curled in the searing truth to caution you will lean

Upon the great mountain top beyond the clouds and steam across the rushing waters of lore and gold and dream
You’ll come upon a figure that stands alone a gaze quiet, serene
In the silence there is no struggle, the battle now far below
Though sweat may still course down your back your rage not quite yet cold
At once you will know

There is no use in struggle there is no dance can be done
There is no spectre lurking to fly at with a gun
Just a lithe figure apart from all we know
Our presence warmed and scorched concurrent in their sun-like glow
You will stand and watch enrapt their attention to never know
As you see the sang-froid Providence weave easily too and fro

The charge she has is simple and intricately complex
A simple mind as your and mine this task would only vex.
To keep the scales in balance no matter what the cost no matter what and where and whom will need incur a loss
For all good there is the evil for employee there a boss
Every flower has a bumble bee a rock will have its moss

For Love unencumbered there is pain
Devotion breeds disdain
Affection without detriment Leaves Detrimental gain
A life devoted to one Without stray Without want
Seems no longer possible from witness of this Mount

Knowledge is not a salve it not meant to sooth the loss
Will not supply a pointed reason for blame to point or toss
Will only help us understand for each gain there is a cost
For all action there is re
For all pull there will be toss
To know there is a reason a rule a tithe to be spent
When a pact is made with Providence for the bond of an innocent

by Joseph Camphouse

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