The Insanity

I've never understood sane - insane. If your sane, you must be in it. If your insane, you have to be. It's the same.
Words get in my way. The inevitability was valid and the same for us all. No doubt the darker side of the law of polarity. Needs knocking each other over trying to be first. No it's my turn.
Love is a risk. As individual as fingerprinted needs. Sculptured by expectations. Built on genetic attrition and dysfunctional environments. Woven from the fabric of what works us, or what we make work. Without control or prediction.
It's addictive and toxic. Love has no square to be knocked off of. There is no blueprint or center. Love won't love no one. It's an insanity that I am in and out of.

by karen Schley

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wow! beautifuly write, great poem. thank you for sharing
this piece is full of wisdom and strong emotion of love comparing love with insanity or saneness or lack of either well written with definite purpose, , , Cecil
Like a piece of architecture; this is more like amazing~! You stride along famously!
Well worded skepticism Keren, but it's 'love won't love anyone' to be grammatically correct. Cheers.