DD (6-18-1961 / Gary, Indiana)

The Internet Encounter

This is the story about a nice man I met
In the most unusual way on the internet
I received an e-mail saying someone was interested in me
So I clicked on his username to go to his profile and see
Much to my curiosity and pleasantly to my surprise
I was more than pleased to what initially met my eyes
Here was a picture of this strikingly handsome man
Who had shown that he was an interested fan
So I clicked on the spot that said I was interested too
Nothing else seemed to be working so I wanted to try something new
I was so hesitant about this internet thing, you see
At first I felt that going online was somehow beneath me
Before I finally signed up, I went back and forth and stalled
But when I really took time to think about it, it’s really not a bad thing at all
What’s the difference than if I met someone on the street or some other place
You’re not going to get to know anyone at all until you spend some time face to face
So I decided to change my attitude about meeting a man
It’s just by chance that you’ll meet someone compatible, and not necessarily with a plan
After I showed interest in this gentleman I didn’t hear anything from him
So I decided to initiate a conversation and to him an e-mail I would send
I told him that if he would like I was willing to communicate more
I had to come out of my comfort zone and with this brother open the door
He shortly wrote me back and said that he would like to communicate
He then introduced himself to me which caused a slight rise in my heart rate
I was elated but nervous because this internet thing was all so new
But the fact that he responded positively to me was a relief to tell the truth
You see, being single and meeting new people is not an easy thing
You can’t help but think about all the possible rejection it can bring
I believe a lot of people don’t even meet because of this
But I really wanted to meet someone even if it meant I might get dis’ed
Taking the first step turned out not to be a bad thing at all for me
‘Cause now I have met this man from the internet and a very nice man he seems to be
We wrote e-mails to each other through the website for a short period of time
Then he gave me his personal e-mail address and in return I gave him mine
After a couple of messages we wrote to each other I told him there was more I wanted to know
I received a message saying he trusted me and gave me the number to his phone
“Wow! ” I thought to myself. “We will finally get a chance to speak.”
I called the number he gave me, and when I heard his voice my interest was really peaked
This man’s voice had a sound so rich, robust and strong
It made me anticipate a conversation with him and not want to wait very long
Even though we had not spoken directly, I could tell he was a lot of fun
His messages always had a bit of humor in them and I would smile when they were done
I finally caught up with this man that I met on the internet
We had our first real conversation over the phone, but in person we haven’t met
I enjoyed speaking with him very much and he said he enjoyed speaking with me
So, wherever else this internet encounter goes I will be patient and wait to see…..

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