The Intervention

The intervention

It was four in the morning when I awoke sitting in front
of TV that was off; again I had ended up in a middle-class
the neighbourhood in, a close with suitable trees.
I shared a fence with a police inspector who wore a tie
when mowing the lawn, he had two silly daughters and a wife
so fine she never let the wind pass her through her narrow bum.
I family who thought they had reached the pinnacle of civil living.
I have so easily been seduced by nice houses and people who
speak posh coming from poverty it impresses me.
I went to work; my wife was still sleeping, when I came home
A group of people were, it was called an intervention they
was trying to convert me to sober living, while they were
talking I mixed a gin and tonic, some of the men licked lips.
Told them I drank because they were so bloody boring,
being drunk, was the only way I could tolerate them.
I rang a travel agency, took a plane to Algarve for a holiday
It has cost me a divorce - pleased by that- and my house
that I didn`t like, and the holidays continues.

by Oskar Hansen

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