(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Interview

'The US government, one hundred percent,
they are behind the 9: 11, no doubt at all,
about the Muslim fellow named Bin Laden,
it must be stated publicly, he is without a doubt,
a nice and pleasant fellow, a humanist.'

'But, say, Immam, you have no proof of this,
and all of this far-fetched and strange scenario
it stretches credibility to breaking point,
and, no offence, it damages relations.
They say you also do condone the killing
of all infidels to earn those credit points
that can be cashed to get you access
and eternal residence in heaven, thus
you teach your children not to play with
or God forbid, engage in friendship
with infidels, because they are unclean? '

'That is correct, of course, and rightly so,
you must accept that plain compatibility
is a misnomer here and sheer futility,
even one dropp of poisoned water will,
in every case and very quickly spoil
and make unfit for us to use, so you can see
that for protection we must worship only
what God has given of himself to all believers.'

'There is a question that is burning and acute,
can you, Immam, see that a time will come
where Muslims will be rulers of all worlds? '

'Of course, I am convinced that this will be
there is no future for the world of infidels,
it is God's will and shall become reality,
all other options are not made by our God.'

Note: This is an account of the Australian 60 minute program,
aired on 24 July,2005. It is as accurate as feasible, and close to verbatim.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Herbert. This is the first time I've notice a political 'bent' to your work! It's interesting to see you 'stretch' into this area. LSP