The Intricacies Of Love And Loving

falling out of love, an interesting turn of phrase.
is it slow and burdensome, like a twisting knife
or can it happen with one unexpected lie, like the shattering of a glass.
what do you do when you wake up and realize
the one who’s laying beside you
isn’t the one you love..
and how do you make yourself stop loving
the one who’s moved on.
the intricacies of love and loving.
you can love someone and not be in love with them.
you can be in love with someone but know they aren’t “the one”.
But you can only have one soul-mate.
And if you are wondering if you’ve found that person… you haven’t
so, you may ask…how do you fall out of love?
if its your soul-mate… you don’t.

by shannon wright

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