The Investigation

When he was murdered under the moon,
They saw the murder.
Now everyone is silent.

Everyone, that is, whoever on hearing shots
looked out the windows,
Pulled in the kids and locked the doors;
Those who were standing by the doors
and were sitting in the yard.

Whoever saw it,
And those who did'nt see but knew,
They are all silent, verily silent.

The investigation is on me.

I asked newsmen about the conspiracy -
They made rounds but got no news.
I asked the police about the case description,
They cannot find the files.
I asked the doctor about the post-mortem,
He gave me no facts but doubts.

But the midnight Ursa's seven stars, on oath,
Gave me witness about the killing's details.
The moonlight showed me the killers' profile,
The dew revealed footprints,
The grass exposed the blood clots.

The wood-dove, who got frightened from the shots,
Spoke about the murder.

But men got beads in their eyes, lead in their ears
And stones on their tongues -
Their heads filled with whirling sands of deserts.

Whoever I ask, he does'nt know - he does'nt know.

by Omar Shams

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