' It Is When'

It is when the water sways
That I think of your 'tributaries'
and the warm cozy walk
during the chiily Sunday
down the path of your
favorite trails
- As we journey together
to the depth of feelings
that guarantees
the path of no returns

It is when you and I are afar,
that the silence dances
and touches the tender ground
of my heart's desire.....

It is when I see your email
That I think deep, and sweet
but quiet...quiet as the
dream that makes
bits and pieces of our
heart's puzzles...
then disappar with the night!

Then as the morning comes:
WE will repeat the pattern again! ! !

A Gypsy heart's Journey
Poem Series by Reinalie Jorolan
04/15/2010 (9: 50-10: 01 pm)

by reinalie jorolan

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nice.....i really like this one