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The Invisible Man
WC (15-12-1989 / Malaysia)

The Invisible Man

There’s an invisible man right next to me
(I no longer call him by his name)
It wasn’t always like that it seems
But now it’s just not the same

I knew this man very well
(We almost made it through the rain)
But along the way one of us fell
And now he just brings me pain

Although he’s right there just next to me
(We’re slowly splitting our ways)
And with each day that’s creeping closer it seems
The more he fades away.

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Comments (2)

Nice and very short too good one warren
This poem illustrates why short poems have more potential than longer ones. This poem is great especially in the end line with 'fades away.' I wish i wrote something like this, the only difference i would make is that the invisible man would be changed to the invisible woman. If i'm writing poems somewhere along this subject, I would remember this poem. Nice poem. Chen