The Invisible Structure

The invisible structure was E = mc2
……… in the original experience it is not identified
as the vague. it is a function of the whole situation,
& not an element in it, as it would have to be
in order to be apprehended as vague
the outcome of a process
no experience is a unity unless it is aesthetic
is it true?
exploitation of the energy characteristic of
the material used as a medium
a tape of many people saying the same word
people sitting on the stage, actions on tape
something that changes with the weather or day
six performances
colors become more vivid when seen with the
head upside down.

by Bernadette Mayer

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Nice, a smart poetess, yes, colors are more vibrant when upside down yet we are already upside down according to another's point of reference, your reasoning is quite astounding I must say.....bravo! ,