In The Wind Of Realms

the wind blows like freezing winter coup
the stigma of silence pushing the clue

igniting a fire on heaven and earth
like phoenix in the city of rebirth

glide thy wings to reach the peakest beat
glow in the darkest, even future's bleak

have you ever gamble to high and low
don't fear to sail, don't fail to show and row

now run, jump and let the flight of life flow
drop all the woes, drop all the ghosts in you

my reign to dance ebbing heart-wrenching tears
finding a home for truth through all the years

by Ceri Naz

Comments (3)

grateful smile, good write, I like it.
Boisterous youth and humble old man with joyfulness and gentle smile express the contrast of life as time passes on speaks volumes in this poem of maturity for all to know and remember the truth everyone has to face someday!
Your lips were never dumb ole chap......RIP