LP (March 16th,1990 / Raleigh, NC)

The Irony Of Despair

the silence breaks the noise;
dark and fearful
as shadows consume the light
and the sun that shown with radiance;
bright and guiding
has been swallowed by the night

tears stream from eyes;
sad and lonely
she reaches for the gun
screams are muted for the silence;
long and hopeless
made her decide her life was done

the single bullet in hand;
cold and silver
thinking the choice she's making is right
looking for the second bullet;
hurriedly and desperate
she thinks for a second: she never thought she might...

placing the pistol at her neck;
scared and shaking
soon of her life there would be none
the gun shot breaks the silence;
loud and echoing
with this, out from behind a cloud peeks the sun.

by Lauren Phillips

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Wow, this poem is emotional. The format of the poem aids the intention of the lines very effectively. Great powerful poem. very poetic. Chen