The Is Is He

People say they know God,
Because they are familiar...
With some symbolized creation,
Seen in a church.
Because they know a few Bible verses.

If you are disrespecting the Earth or nature...
You are not into God!
If you are disrespecting other human beings...
And doing things to others that are nasty and mean,
You're not into God!

You are into interpretations.
If you have barriers up in your mind like a fence.
And you've been convinced,
Your point of view is better because of the color of your eyes...
Your hair or your skin?
You are not into God.
You are into yourself...
A morsel of all that God 'IS'

When you are into God...
Your mind becomes less limited!
And all of your sufferings done,
You will then see...
Have all been man made.

God is Pure Energy.
Pure light!
Pure Love!
The IS is HE.
And we are not!
We are mere 'droplets' of IT
And that we have forgotten.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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i believe this warrants highest praise so i am adding it to my short list of favorites.~beau