HM (01-01-1989 / Chittagong)

The Isle Of Predators

In a world as apocalyptic as this
Where hope is a phantom liturgy,
Peace is an obliterated entity,
Humanity is a bawdy masque
And, love is a symbiotic cataclysm

In a world of such damning sybaritism
Who ends up being triumphant are
Jackals, panthers, monkeys, scorpions,
Vultures, snakes and social hounds

The string that moves us is held by the Devil!
We find a chemistry of glueyness in disgusting things
Every day we go a step further down towards hell.
Without horror, insouciantly through stinking darkness!

But what is uglier, wickeder, and fouler than all,
My dear friends, brothers and fellow humans
Is your boredom; and your muffled yelping, howling,
And growling to keep your dear pangs of remorse well fed
Thinking to wash away all your stains with cheap tears!

by Hasan Maruf

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