The Isle Of Willington

The Isle of Wellington

A soft blue sky, a tender sun
And pale blue bay, beneath the quay!
A harbor active, with teaming men!
Against high tide, the boats strive sway.

He lay so broad, indeed so male
She lay so close content and hale.
Graceful her face, ardent her smile
Lost in dreams, they looked tranquil.

He hailed from west, set eyes for East
He broke home bonds, set out to East!
A deep sea dredge Lord Willing don,
With his mate, cast anchor, in Cochin lagoon.

She craved his love, he loved her much,
They spent their youth in earnest work.
They worked all days and nights, as much
And eased they not, tempo of work!

Came up slowly a stretch of land
The seedling for a virgin land,
From the depth of estuary wild,
A rock sand bed helped them to build.

They had a dream to build, an island
And mark their stay immortal to mankind.
Came up slowly, a spread of land,
What is now called, Willing don Island.

On it now stand a harbor, well known!
Now team with ships of all nations!
Generations past made it grow,
To be an all-weather, port well known.

They helped the port to give prompt service
By deep and clean channels, fit for service.
A new day broke, she found him sinking
She wailed for help, but he still sank.

She too was old, could hardly move,
Administration of port, sold her off,
For them she was a burden now,
They got pittance, for she was dead.

Their dream fulfilled they left the world
You can reach it by, Road, Rail or Air.
And have well equipped, Hotels and clubs,
The ISLE, of “WILLING DON” an all-weather port!

by Josey Alfred

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