Life Is A Game

It was my first day to school,
The weather was little cool.
The roads were all wet,
No shops had opened yet.
The early morning was frightening,
And was made worse by lightning.
I was wearing a green coat,
I remember there was no one on the road,
Then with long moustaches,
there came a giant old man,
He kicked a thrown can.
He saw me alone,
I wanted to call my parents with a phone.
He came close to me and said 'Hello! '
Then I realized that he was not a bad fellow.
Soon we became friends,
He told me, he lived in slummy tents.
He worked as a watchman,
And was Amitab Bachchan's fan.

Then my school's time had to change,
As hot summers came.
I couldn't see him then,
His name was Mr. Sen.

One day I missed my school to see him,
I hoped I could talk to him.
But he didn't come,
I was worried a some.
I enquired about my stranger friend,
I went from land to land.
People told me he was dead,
'How Is That Possible? ! ' I said.
I cried for the same,
But then I realized;

by Dr vinisha Gupta

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