PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

The Java Of The Beauty And The Beasts

In Java land
The Beauty and The Beast depicted
With the beautiful face and gentle
Slim body on the right
Truth symbol
And Left (beast) with the ugly face (giant)
symbol of coruption Power
Both always look out on
By The puppeteer
In screen demonstrate the shadow play
made from white cloth of long and wide
From returning that screen
We can look on the beauty of shadow motion
With the story is full of conflict in love, coup
and regional struggling Emulation
Grow, expanding and empire downfall
In shadow
Light coming from Fire Blencong
emotional by palm oil
Move the puppets by The Puppeteer
Mixed in motion of night wind
anaesthetizing audience
Through its voice is the puppeteer
By latar-belakang is music gamelan
And also voice the sinden inebriating
When still evening
When still a lot of children look on
At the same time they run of around podium demonstrate,
The Puppeteer narrate the fertility of Java Land; Ground,
Its Empire by back-ground is mount,
Rice field
And also crowded port, regular, order and peaceful
When night progressively continue the,
Night sky decorated by the the stars.
The puppeteer start to tell a story about governance policy
Through dialogues, conflict of interest, intrigue wraped
In story love and war inebriating mind
When dawn start to chap the
Reconcilable conflict
Story finish the, orderly world like ready of scorpion

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wonderful! keep writing! is it about Wayang Kulit, Sir? I like the words, We can look on the beauty of shadow motion. could you read my poems too? thank you.
You got that right. Even the puppeteers have the SCORPIONS on a leash