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My Baby Plays Music (All Night Long)
(25th March 1943 / )

My Baby Plays Music (All Night Long)

Poem By Esther Leclerc

The long nights are never much boring
my dear hubby takes care of that
playing simple tunes to 'amuse'
me, tho' sadly the notes fall flat

Animal, veggie and mineral
these nocturnal notes awaken
as I lie there ears and nose plugged
while his farts and snores are a quakin'

Lest you regard this poem as unkind,
rude or crude, from an ill-bred mind
please notice my predicament for
this music is not heaven-sent

* * * * *

But honey, you know that I love you
and something this bad ain't all bad:
your noises and fumes repel ver-
min, and for that I'm very glad

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Comments (15)

Esther, It seems that you appreciate the mans musical genius, as well as his ability to exterminate vermin in his sleep! Two very rare talents that most cannot do while awake!
To snore or to fart is surely an art that us men have off to a tee but while out with a crown and I fart aloud I say it was her and not me. Esther I love your humour.
Well, you might want to click that button after all.
A slice of realism which has nothing crude about it. The words glide and resound. I love this piece. Susie.
lol! This sounds a little familiar to me! Unfortunately though I'm the culpret lol! ! ! Moyaxx