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The Journal

Alpine expanse, green all around never ending
Clear horizon, the sky blue as can be seen
for miles and miles
Natural habitat, the natives undisturbed and living
as one with nature
Tall grass, a green blanket covering the ground and
preserving tranquility
Blazing sun, the brilliance of life and all things

Cool breeze, my face lights up as the gentle force
caresses my skin
Birds singing, hundreds of voices in a gigantic choir
Water rippling, sunlight shimmering
over the aquatic canvas
Night comes, the sun giving way to the darkness
An owl hoots, mysterious abstract voices
command the night creatures
A cricket chorus, thousands of invisible things
making a mighty sound
Fireside, the heat welcome compared to the late chill
Sleep comes, and dreams preclude the start
of a new day

Winter comes, the alpine is covered completely white
Black sky, the dark winter clouds come rolling in,
shrouding the forest and blocking the light
Birds flee, huge fleets fly away
to a less hostile season
Pond freezes, fishing will have to wait

Life is hard, the winter meat has to be protected
from the white winter wolves
Comfort is rare, the finger bleed red
and the blood runs cold
Animals suffer, over yonder lies an old stag
brought down by the elements
Campfire gone, another sleepless night...............

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