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The Journey

Youth ... thou hast succumbed to time!
Thine eyes, as thy steps shortened.
Thy memory, forsaken!
Where is thy strength of yesteryears,
When spring, brought flowers everywhere?
Today, there's nothing, but moan and groan;
And medications for the morrow!
Where has everything gone?
Like love lost from a heart, youth elopes apart.
Even the candle threatens not to rekindle.
Hush! Lo and behold! Thou shalt succeed!

Though the end of the day is not too distant,
When night falls, do dream of dreams,
Not "what flesh is heir to,"
But ... dreams, when thou were in the fields
Chasing butterflies and rainbows!
Fear not, the sound of distant drums;
They are but reminders to our soul
When we shed this vehicle that encapsulates our life,
We will cross the unknown river, where the soul
Will receive its just punishment or reward.
Fear then, what thou do in this life;
But do not fear death! ----
For death brings us another life,
As a seed dies in the ground,
New life springs forth from its death;
Do thou not see how beautiful are its blossoms?
Sniff its fragrance .... and touch its petals!

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