The Journey

Sun rising from the hope to despair
When I move across the journey
Floating from the fluids mother’s divine
Studded by the dusts in layer of years.

Fire may burn me with right precision one day
Impaling all my bloods by the years taking its colors
As of now I may suffer lest tomorrow i may flair
As the past being shined when read by my heirs.

Night falls slowly with ghastly noise of the sea
Deeper and deeper as of redness in the setting sun
When bird’s nest hanging on tree top cajoles flux
Melting all the desires in a way to meet the past.

Piercing the pains with smiles swooping as elastic as rain
Bending like a rainbow springing smokes into the air
Wrapping all my ravings from crowd by a blanket of fears
As blood stops swirling in its room trespassing the pier.
As all my harvest moons entangle in thoughts unencumbered
Resting on a chair made of wood keeping my arms in an afternoon
Flapping breaths running slowly between you and me confined
When dreams come ruined and rumbling struck beneath the slumber.

by Dr subhendu kar

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the journey...very touching...and deep words/meaning to reflect on...our life is a journey but a journey leaving a legacy, where we are happy and felt bliss and contented while sitting and watching the setting sun...a journey worth remembering for...