The Journey

Watch the river pass on by
Listen as the children cry
The dream has crumbled
Tumbling down the dream has crumbled
Faint echo’s of the memory gather in the groves of my mindscape
The time has come for the solar god to rise.
Apollo, phoenix from the ashes.

I have cast in my folly all that lay sacred to me.
The Dragon’s art enriddled, the art of art revealed.
The secret lay lost to the memory of forgetting.
Our journey has change course
The winds, the winds have turned against our favour.
Overwhelmed by an addiction breeding,
Defenceless upon my knees
I refuse to serve you now
I would rather lay low in a shallow grave.

The journey
The journey engulfing.

Open fields the senses yield
Alive and well I am she cried
As she laid down to kiss the sky
I will never die she sighed
As a tear dropped from her eye.

I have laid to waste the fantasy of evolving.

New friends and open smiles
Close me in your while.
Rise now to know
The kiss of bliss is morning snow.

His mistress distressed – undressed for her pay
Pass on by to sanctuary
I will find you there.
We set sail tomorrow for ports unknown.

The sea queen – slow dreamer
Movement of the earth

The city swells beneath our feet

The trees are stacked in cathedral contortions
I face the sun in setting.
The talisman evolves itself
Blossoms in the wildest shade
Never to fade but only to grow
Destroyed, its work is once more with all
By Adam Eve before the fall.

I’m gaining more within a realm of pain
Than I ever could by forgetting your name.

The prophecy fulfils itself
The blueprint divine is etched
The surface is scratched and what do you find?
Your mind.

Our mother princess patchwork

I remember now the way we would sing
And beat matchsticks on the ground
Lost and found I am they say.
Lost a child of the night in the day.

The words are a power unto themselves
The words are worlds recurring.
Senses souring
Blood sweat pouring

There’s no time for vanity in this insane hour
The clock has lost its face
And I feel out of place in a world of screwed perceptions

I see now the hills are giants slumbering
And here I am, numb within madness
Still….There’s no time for sadness.

Father of lies
Born from the seed of deceit

Awaiting the friend I love the most
The ghost of hosts I love the most

An architect of grand design
A vagabond of dreams divine
Two lovers, frozen in time

Slow burning is the candle lit
Find me a new skin.

This life a doorway
This life a portal to a million worlds
And laid beside my guardian curled
I am as one within without myself.

She is coming to heal
She who steals my heart in fleeting
Why is it I can not forever listen with open ears?
I have laid myself defenceless to the shore
I have left myself wanting more?
Asking of myself, what is it I’m here for?
Where the hell is the door?

The river run dry
There are no tears to cry
I wonder why
As I lay down to die.

The journey will never near completion
One colour will merely merge into the next

First sight – a white room warming
New life – the smell of morning
Fresh and rosy fingered dawn
Comes with blackbirds swarming

The dance can not complete itself.

Dream with me of brighter skies
Of answers to the question why
Why it is we live to die
To try, yet always fail.

Sail with me the ocean eyes of my goddess undressed.

Learn to live within yourself
Learn to love the world around you
Even when its raining sh*t
And all that sh*t surrounds you

Outside a sky of blue is fading in and out of grey
Inside a crimson sky is dawning all throughout the day.

The senses numbed as defences succumb
To dread fear of revolution
Beneath the sun we’ll have our fun
Turning cycles in evolution.

Creation destroys the age old toys
Of wood nymphs, their forest homes
Relations coy fulfil no joy
When I’m chewing on the bone.

Alone! Alone and never grown
In seeking love so far from home.

And here I remain
A King without a throne

by David Lacey

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