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The Journey
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The Journey

the first time i went to play badminton
there were elders watching me
i got nervous & suffocated when saw the shoots
the smashes were directed at me

i took the challenge and played for days
i came to know one and all
i improved my game, earnes a little fame
now there r just a few i cant out do

i go with full confidence to play
all nervousness and suffocation is disappeared
the atmosphere is so friendly and lovely
i am one of the players very much dear

its fun there
with the guiding of the elders
and their sportsmenspirit
makes me feel like a family

i get praise from all
short and tall
i just wait everday to go down
and feel like a queen with a crown.........

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It is the practice that makes anyone perfect. The best days are ahead for you, when you approach in this positive way.
hey i felt the same things when i played badminton 4 1st time