AM (12/31/1961 / Gallipolis Ohio)

The Journey Of Icarus

The flight of Icarus
Soaring through the sky
Reaching for the heavens
I never want to die

To fly the skies forever
To the mountains and to the sea
My soul shall spread its wings
As I fly for eternity

Gliding high with wings spread wide
I never want to land
Soaring through he heavens
Headed straight to the Promised Land

With the wind blowing gently
Across my tears stricken face
This earth I’m gonna leave
To search for a better place

I want to fly with the eagles
Into the clear blue sky
Please come with me my angel
I never want our love to die

Gliding ever so gently
Carried by the east wind
Towards the stars we’ll climb
Never to descend

Out into space we’ll go
Past the Milky Way
Together forever you and I
Our love never to stray

Forever and ever for infinity
Our souls shall fly side by side
Our love for each other is strong
And shall never ever die

Please come with me my love
On my never ending journey
I’m destined never to return
Be with me for eternity

The journey of Icarus
On the never ending plight
Soaring all through the day
And all through he night

Day after day week after week
Month after month and year after year
We shall be together in the heavens
Never to shed a tear

I’ve found you my love
My soul now is complete
For now we both are one
Our hearts beat as one beat

Years and years of heartache
Has all come to an end
Towards the heavens we’ll fly
Never again to descend

I love you with all my heart
I love you with all my soul
Take hold of my hand my love
Fly with me and never let go

My love for you will last forever
My love shall never die
Please say you’ll come with me
For to the stars we both shall fly

by Aaron(AarionLee) Morris

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