The Journey Of Love

Love is what we define it to be for us, yet this is helpful.
We tend to fall in love repeatedly. I fall in love all the time!
In a world full of beauty, it would be folly not to, wouldn't it?
So, it's wonderful when all goes well, but no guarantees of that.
The marriage contract is exclusive love, till death us do part!
Pre-marriage has no legal contract or morally-binding contract.
We remain free agents till marriage. That usually ends freedom!
It's a mutually-binding union of spirit, body and soul...
The female of the species is usually mature and responsible.
She is forward-thinking, capable of deciding who she loves.
She knows that short-term loves aren't the real deal.
With parental advice, she is best served most of the time.
Pushy parents don't help, but sensitive parents do!
The thought of a loved one with someone else is agony.
Children experience this as new babies are born into the family.
Adults have a different scenario to complicate things!
Love is the build-up of intense desires, hopes and dreams.
It's also a thoroughly competitive arena with winners and losers.
The expression, 'the walking wounded', applies to lovers, too.
Maybe through bad experiences, we become more sensitive.
If any guys have found the dream-girl the first time, lucky them!
Most of us don't, won't, can't, shan't... we are explorers!
This in essence is the journey, the journey of love...
Each heart acts as a compass towards compassion not passion!
You see, love isn't what we desire but what we aspire to.
Love doesn't come with a miracle manual, we have to work at it!
Most of the time the only exercise we get is to exercise restraint!
Even millionaires have trouble with love! What chance have we got?
We have simply got to make a better effort, that's all!
Nothing wondrous ever came easy... unfortunately...

by Denis Martindale

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