The Joy Of Life

Poem By Alfred Kumar

The Joy of Life

Amongst the denst Wood
By the trees Grown near the stream

The sun climbed over the head
It was the hour of Slumber sleep

Insects and birds did what they should
Into the crevices and branches, they creep

To rest away the noon heat by a nap
And wait for the cool evening to be born

The waves of summer heat burns the sand
Hot was the wind that blew
Nothing could anybody do
But crawl into the shadow of leaves
And hide in the grass that had grown tall

All was placid and all was Quiet
Not a sound was heard as far as one could

All of a sudden, the birds awoke awe-struck
For they heard a rustle amongst the leaves

The sound was made by a breeze
That traveled from the eastern sea
Carrying the cool moist vapours
Driving away the demon of dry wind

An enchanting current flowed everywhere
There showered from the heaven
The much-awaited rain.

Birds and insects flew out from hiding
Bathed in the droplets dropping from the sky
Opened their mouth and drank it
Danced and sang for their joy crossed bounds

Splatter of rain, the rustle of breeze
Formed a symphony, the song of Joy

But in a flick of moment, everything stopped
The sun broke free with all its fury
The cool breeze flew swiftly to distant land.

Burning braces of dry Death-wind return
Joy that lept in the heart being slain

Birds and insects ran to their hiding
To wait for the cool evening to be born

Short was the life of cool wind
Not short was the joy it brought with it

Short is our life in this earth
Let not be short the joy we bring to share

Comments about The Joy Of Life

Great poem loved the message at the end. Very powerful language at play here I was taken to a completely different world from my own (I live in Ireland it rains all the time) I haev never known a shortage of water but I deffinitely experienced it in that poem.
Amazing poem. I could visualise everything that it talks about, and the part in the middle where everything comes alive made me feel energized. Also, the message at the end is profound. Truly a lesson learned.

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