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The Joys Of Love
DG (Jan 4th,1959 / Portland, OR)

The Joys Of Love

Ah – the joys of love.
What marvelous ventures await us?
Sailing off into a dream.
Hunting for what treasures may bring.

Shooting out toward a star.
Getting dumped in a bar?
Releasing the heart, entrapping the beast.
But what does it get you? Ulcers, at lease!

You fight to keep the one you want.
But does she want you? She does not.
So you walk away, beaten, alone.
That’s the way it always ends you know.

I love you! You vowel never to say.
But after awhile you’ll ask her to stay.
And it’ll all start again as written above.
Ah – the marvelous joys of love...

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