The Judgement

Order in the court! This court is now in session.
The "Good Folks" vs You…And they expect a full confession.
Witnesses are lined up, to take a stab at you.
Regrets, Mistakes, and Rumors are just to name a few.
You've been seen in the company of low life thugs and thieves.
And your presence in the church house, for awhile has not been seen.
A jury of your pompous piers will gossip and review
the picked apart evidence, stacked up against you.
We've drawn a line for years, that separates and weighs
sin that is accepted here, and sin the "Good Folks" hate…
…like drugs and alcohol, or an unlikely kind of marriage.
Yet everyone loves to ride on that prescription horse and carriage.
(Defense speaks)
Guilty do I plead for things you say I've done.
And I take responsibility for the evil webs I've spun.
You do not know or care who God truly is to me.
Your narrow minded boats will never know His sea.
Be careful lest you judge, on that chair you sit so high,
feasting on my character, as you drink self righteous wine.
Till death I'll make mistakes, teaching lessons well learned.
But till then, you're over ruled. This court is now adjourned.
***..."let he who is without sin cast the first stone" John 8; 7

by tammy jennette

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