JTR (Undisclosed / Whitechapel, England)

The Judgement Of The Turtle

I saw a turtle smashed on the side of the road the other day.
Judgement came swiftly flying from above in the form of a ridged tire;
His shell was splintered into a circular pattern of triangles
And his body was crushed beyond recognition.
The asphalt was stained dark with his blood,
His organs splayed uselessly out for everyone to see.

That's what that goddamn animal gets
For eating vegetables
And never hurting anything.

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Comments (3)

This one shows promise. Will your BODY of work 'JacK' be posted with the head and arms removed? Or will u merely eviscerate the weak and helpless like your predecessor of the same name? You have a talent for this. Bet on it.
My sort of poem Jack keep up the good work. Regards, Sid John
Makes you think, this one, of the imbalances of nature, the unfairness of things. I enjoy your poems, Jack, they are gritty. Love, Fran xx