The Juice Fast

I love eating to relax.
I like eating to celebrate,
I enjoy eating with family and friends.

I know that processed food is slowly killing me,
I know that junk food is only hurting me.

I'm addicted to the fat,
I'm addicted to the salt.

I might develop digestion problems,
I might develop blood problems.

I'm tired of being fat,
And my body is falling apart.

My back hurt,
My knees hurt,
My legs hurt.

I'm tired of being sick,
I decide to take drastic.
And go on a two-month juice fast.

Drinking juice fruits and vegetables,
I will have lower cholesterol.

I will begin losing weight,
I will start feeling great.

I will improve my health,
To live in my real wealth.

by Abderrahmane Dakir

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Health and wealth! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.