The Bride Of Darkness

I’m the black veiled pride,
I’m lost, confussed, and blind,
Disdainful to all that has delight.
I’m the black widowed pride,
I’m the enemy of all sweet life,
Friends, family, lovers I have none,
'And to the Dark Prince I thee wed'
I’m the daughter of Hades on Earth,
I’m living under a curse,
I’m the reason it will all fall.
Fail, doubt, betray and you shall be mine,
Suffering, agony, and pain are all my sons,
Give in to them and then will shine the black Sun,
Humanity will suffer and all hope disappear,
Then my curse will break setting me free;
The white veiled pride will live no more,
And me and my Dark Prince will rule all.

by Nina Ali

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It was really good🐸🐣🐯🐬🐎
Oh this is such a great one. I had it read to me as a kid, and it's still just as magical to me every time I have read it since.
This fantastical poem is not only enchanting but amazingly true for anyone who has returned home after an experience... but I think it's expanded by Tolkein who had the Hobbits return to the Shire where all the narrowness and petty concerns were a price they had to pay for temporary security.