To My Best Friend

I was lost in the dark then I saw your light
It gave me the strength to continue the fight

I doubted my worth and you gave me respect
Such a gift from anyone I did not expect

I was broken in pieces and you gave me your glue
How blessed I am to have a friend like you

I was full of sadness and you made me smile
Side by side we walked my long torturous mile

I was lonely then you opened your heart
Together we talked, you really heard my part

I walked thru life alone then I found you
Every day I thank God that He gave me you

I felt like a bystander and you bade me join in
You showed me how in life I can win

I was full of pain and you gave me love
You, my friend, are a gift from above

So let me tell you now how special you are
When I make a wish, you are my star

That shines up high, my light in the sky
Thank you for being my friend

by Noah Body

Comments (2)

Oh, oh, oh, it is a rare piece of poetry that has me falling out of the chair laughing out loud! When our semi-conductor Raised his baton, we sat there Gaping at Marche Militaire, Our mouth-opening number. It seemed faintly familiar (We'd rehearsed it all that winter) , But we attacked in such a blur, No army anywhere On its stomach or all fours Could have squeezed through our crossfire.- -Oh, my gosh, he has set me off again! !
Did we wonder that Truth, Goodness and Beauty are the ultimates, as Plato averred? Read this poem and weep with joy....