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The Juror
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

The Juror

Preaching salvation from your multiple sins
Is making you hallowed and ready to forgive
Your avowed enemy, even though he wins
And now tell me how does the other half live?

Can you be tolerant of the unjust blame?
Is a verdict of not guilty for a killer fair?
What if the harmless victims put you to shame?
Didn't you on a stack of Bibles swear?

Cowardice and trepidation run in the blood
And our anthropoid forefathers were too retard
If speechless, you can give each other the nod
Ending up a skid row bum ain't that hard

Try not to make a hasty irreversible decision
There's danger that holocaust will break out
Another Fuhrer can make a deeper incision
Bulk of the evidence is a reasonable doubt

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