The Jury Is Out

I stand naked in front of judges
Alone in my torture

Tongues as sharp as shattered glass
Questions full of venom and abhorrence
Answers stick in my throat and choke me
No sense can come from the explanation
Guilt pours out of each pore
The sentence can be but one

Alone in my torture
I die naked in front of judges

I scream silently in the cell of deceit
Damned to hear the sentence for a lifetime
Apologies fall upon deaf ears and a cold heart
Frozen by the cruelty of truth and realisation
Sorrow belongs to me now
Punishment is just

Alone in my torture
I have been judged

by Betty Ashe

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Comments (2)

The intensity is great. Though I feel that if you push out just how alone an bare you feel, it would make the emotion just flow even more! I really like this!
some hackneyed lines i have a problem with; overall, dramatic & poised. you have been judged. SusxGLx