The Kalinga Warrior

Ah, now who is shy of whom?
We the warriors of Kalinga race
Never shied away from our duty's call
Even the Mighty Ashoka, so called Great
Was mortally afraid to look us in face.

We are the people who worshipped the Sun
The only people who built temple for Sun
Come, see the message on our temple walls
When you made love in dingy hotel rooms
We showed how to do it in the wide open.

Here we extend you an open invite
Come to our house and spend a night
Reveal your ID and come to the open
Then we'll show you how Love is done.

Hiding like a rabbit in your dark secret closet
You'll challenge us who have conquered Tempest?

We warriors will never flirt
We promise and keep our word
But we believe in commitment first
Then only we raise our sword.

by Tapan

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