MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)

The Keeper Of My Heart

I’ve had fear and dealt with pain,
I have wept and wracked my brain,
But now my comfort’s hope and my love in you.
As I look up through the rain,
And think of you, my doubts are slain,
For I know the limitless things that love can do.

It’s been a year, a month and days,
Since your eyes last met my gaze,
And I long to feel your warmth and sweet caress.
Love’s a deep confusing maze,
And ours makes eyebrows raise,
But each day I love you more without duress.

I pray to God each night,
That things will turn out right,
And that our growing love will pass the test.
By thinking of our plight.
And employing some foresight,
I can see that our love can be the best.

Soon I will be near,
And I promise you, my dear,
That again shall we never be apart.
As soon as I leave here,
In your direction shall I steer,
For you are the keeper of my heart.

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