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The Keg (A Song)

Me and grandpaw down on the farm
We found a keg of beer underneath the old barn
Grandpaw says son get over here
This aint what you think it is, this aint no beer

Grandpaw said son way back when
Him and Uncle Coot were in trouble back then
Then one day the federals came around
What you got here is our white lightning found

We took that keg, we set it on a stump
He gets a pocketchef from the pocket of his rump
Grandpaw says we've gotta find that plug
It's been fifty years, I believe it's sat enough

Grandpaw says go get a couple of cups son
I think I found the plug, now run don't walk son
When I got back, sure enough
Grandpaw had found that plug

Grandpaw and I, we took a little sip
It kicked like a mule just that little tiny nip
I thought at first I was poisoned and would die
Kinda like gasoline, I burned on fire inside

Grandpaw says, that's the way it do
Good corn liquor says hello to you
Grandpaw says, here have another round
Grandpaw I think I see my lungs on the ground

I said alright so I took another sip
It kicked like a mule just that little tiny nip
I thought I was poisoned and was gonna die
Just like gasoline the way it burned inside

The very next day the neighbors came around
Me and grandpaw was laid out on the ground
My neighbors were there with my cousin Roy
Said, Hey what's going on, what you got there boy

I said, all you gotta do is take a little sip
It kicks like a mule just a little tiny nip
You think you are poisoned you think your gonna die
It's just like gasoline you burn on fire inside!

by Bill Simmons

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