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The Key
MM (June 27,1992 / Louisville)

The Key

Poem By Morgan Mills

You came into my life
When I felt all was lost to me
Surrounded with conflict and strife
Life becoming unbearable to see

With words you reached out
My ears barely able to hear
You sometimes had to shout
To over come my fear

With love, and caring
You worked on me
Finding away to get me to share
The secrets of the key

The one to unlock the door
To where my feelings were bound
Where they could be harmed no more
In time, the key you found

Using it, you opened the door
My feelings once more set free
Tears started falling to the floor
You dried my eyes so I could see

My feelings no longer locked behind a door
Your love you freely gave to me
Holding my hands in yours
Together you and I will always be

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