The Key

There comes a time in one's life,
When silence becomes the preferred company.
Joined by a peace of mind invited.
Providing what has been needed,
To have gone unrecognized as if in disguise...
Fo so long.

Feeling whole and complete...
Is the key that unlocks a happiness released.
And to feel whole AND complete...
Can not be replaced by 'things' one seeks.
With a doing of what one pleases,
Feels so good.

It is nice in one's life,
When silence becomes invited.
And stays as one's preferred company.
With a peace that can not be described.
To slice with a taste of it day and night,
Feels so good.

'Excuse me.
It is time for my slice of peace.
And I can't afford to miss it.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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