The Key

Poem By Randy McClave

I have gave a piece of my heart one time to many
I am surprised if in my soul there is left any,
For my happiness I believed it was always up to some other
But, with joy, bliss and hopefulness no one did ever smother.
Then I understood my joy and happiness was truly up to me
It's from what I alone felt, and what only I did see,
My heart I will now keep it where it always truly belongs
Inside my soul, which brings me peace and many joyful songs.
Never again will I ever be or feel hurt and/ or abused
My love and my happiness will not be stepped on or bruised,
Never again will I put my heart in another persons locket
Nor the key to my happiness, in someone else's pocket.

Randy L. McClave

Comments about The Key

Nice poem idea, Randy, although I think it needs some work. For example, I was startled at the first line's " I have gave" which should be " I have given." Also, later in the poem, I noticed some forced rhymes, like " I did see" when " saw" would have worked much better without rhyme. If I were you (and I am not!) I would rewrite the poem in blank verse and forget about rhyming. I think it would be a much better poem...but what do I know? ? ?

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