The Key (Children)

I have a key in my pocket.
I found it just yesterday.
This key must be for an adventure.
What does it go to? Who can say?

Could be, it opens a treasure chest
stuffed full of diamonds and gold,
and maybe it’s buried in MY yard
by fearless pirates, scary and bold.

Or maybe it opens a journal
with it’s secrets locked up for years,
and if I find it and read it,
I’ll be famous and people will cheer.

I guess it could fit in a sports car.
I’d be too young to drive it right now,
but I'd hide it away till I’m older,
when I drive it, my friends will say WOW.

What if it unlocks a castle
with hungry crocodiles out in a moat?
I could paddle around and feed them
from my safe castle-guarding boat.

My adventures can go on forever
... if I just hang onto this key.
I don’t have to know what it opens.
It’s more fun just makin' believe.

by C.J. Heck

Comments (1)

C.J., I LOVE this poem! Something so simple as finding a key turned into fantasies of castles and secret diaries. LOVE it! S