The Key Of David

Poem By Alice praises YHVH

When the tribulation draws near there is nothing to fear as long as we wait for the true Christ to appear.
Satan and his fallen ones will come from above, with great looks and super powers to try to win our love.
They'll want us to believe he's the true Christ returned but falling for his deceit will just get you burned.
Remember the sixth trump brings the antichrist and his lies, please don't let him pull the wool over your eyes.
God's Word in Revelations explains the 7 trumps, and His two witnesses will show us before satan comes. Rev. chpt: 11,12,13., Matt. chpt: 24., Mark. chpt: 13., Luke. chpt: 21.

Comments about The Key Of David

Wonderful poem. This poem is educative and impactful...... keep it up
wonderful words. you are very much biblical. you have a mission in life to spread the word of God, Word of life. thank you dear poetess for your great poem. tony
beautiful.....graet work...very deep and true
It will all boil down is either Pro-Christ or one is anti-Christ. The spirit of anti-Christ is gathering more and more as many take God out of the equation. All the 'designer religions' available, only cause doubt and confusion..a strategy that is working. BUT..what other diety has EVER said 'I Am the ONLY God and Saviour'? ..they wouldn't dare! ! Thankyou for this wise piece there is another strategy'visitors' to the planet (as it was described also in Noah's Time) . Technology and hybridding will drag many away from the Truth as it has done already. (See, your poem has me all fired up! LOL!) Regards...Sharon.

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