MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

The Keys

When Adam broke The Lord’s decrees
Satan obtained life’s precious keys
We’ve stood condemned to death and loss
Till Christ brought victory through the cross

God’s Lamb saw death but not the grave
Deep in the pit were souls to save
Satan surrendered on his knees
To Jesus Christ life’s precious keys

God’s sheep all knew they’d all be free
That Christ would come and take the key
Each held captive since Adam fell
Now redeemed from death and hell

Life’s keys secure in Jesus’ hand
The living Christ now walks the land
He’s God, He’s Spirit in no place bound
Throughout the earth He may be found

Through Jesus’ blood we’ve second birth
He gives the keys to bind on earth
Power supreme at Jesus feet
Brings to death a swift retreat

Who now have The Holy Ghost
Receive the keys once Satan’s boast
Though still through sin he’ll cause much ill
Without the keys he fails to kill

God’s plan for man is not to die
Life’s keys He’ll give to you and I
Through Christ His Son we see the way
We know the price He had to pay

Though Jesus calls for us to serve
Many will duck others will swerve
Masses will fail to bow their knees
But those in Christ will get the keys…

by Michael P. Johnson

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