The Killing Of Terry - Without Mercy

'Your illness is not curable,
we need to pull the plug right now,
conditions that are terminal
cannot be paid for by us all.'

Yes, Terry, you will die too soon,
the world around you does not care.
It could be money or indifference,
but I will never lie to you.
It's always money, it eats the soul
they make excuses, they give good reasons.
You are a veggie Terry, truly,
baptised by those who think they can
decide for others, for their fate
and what it all comes down to, hear
is that you are so very useless,
you need the care of those who do,
or those who sponge you with reluctance
but take your money with contempt
on neutral faces, you are here
through great benevolence of peers
which has, for fifteen lonely years
proved not to you but to all others
that homo sapiens does have compassion.

Though now a fork has come in sight,
the road's no longer pointing straight
an obstacle takes up much space
inside the minds of those who live,
with faculties in normal order
and power to regard the fork
a sign of God who delegates
his will to call you, Terry, home.
Don't you believe them, let me say
that arguments before the courts
are heavy with the legalese
that sober halls repeat in echos
of 'justice will be served', we pray.

'Her illness is not curable,
we need to pull the plug right now,
conditions that are terminal
cannot be paid for by us all.'

A feeding tube is like a bottle
that nourishes the little ones
who are, unable to accomplish
what grown-ups know to live and thrive.
So, Terry do you know your crime
was that you lost the skill to eat
yet this great world has twisted words
it says you lost the will to live.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (14)

I understand. If you looked into alexithymia you would see that they all seem to seek but do not find. H
i wasn't implying Terri got her just desserts, i was merely pointing out the irony. if anything, i hope this ordeal causes other young women (and men) who suffer from such disorders to consider their choices and seek healthier and more effective alternatives. Jake
Ironic yes, is she being punished now for her crimes? Those who judge her ought to read up on Alexithymia (defective emotional processing) , although I do not believe they would understand. H
what i find most ironic about all of this (and what seems to be clouded by the media) , is that she was bulemic and restricted herself to a strict liquid diet. this disorder led to the heart seizure that cutoff oxygen to her brain for more than 5 minutes. this, in turn, left her in a persistent vegetative state only to be nourished thru a strict liquid diet. Jake
Rich, the pragmatism is sometimes a front... No one knows what Terry experiences. How much perception she has, perhaps she lives in a fairyland of very primitive feelings. Her demeanour, as attested to by a specialist (who has not been called for further opinions0 is one that exudes happiness and not frowning. She is capable of a response and of recognition. Since we don't know her 'side' of the story we ought not presume that we can decide for her. Does she not have a right to her life? For those religious enough, can we let God decide? She is NOT suffering from what can be observed, except she would most likely be suffering now. Wait until the money angle comes to light. In any case it is homicide, permission granted by politicians, lawyers and doctors. When you think of the mathematical probability that 0.03 % of all cremations cremate people still alive you wonder about a few things. It is wrong for human beings to make a decision in this case. She requires basic hygiene and a feeding regimen. That is what babies require. Should we have the right to kill them as well? H
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