The Kind Heart

Poem By Manal Khan

Although deep inside,
Emotions do reside.
Sometimes it wants to speak,
The times when it feels so weak.
When it feels disgraced,
And wants to be braced,
When it thinks about the memories erased,
But wants them to be retraced!

Thats when the kind heart craves,
For the moments passed like waves.
It realizes everything has ended,
And how will it get mended?
And wonders when did it start...
Thats the only thing,
Asks the kind heart!

After every word of humiliation,
Yet it longs for appreciation.
Although it shatters into pieces,
For love and kindness it pleases.
Its belief on love ceases,
When it receives hurtful creases!

For all the love and affection it gives,
This is the belittlement it receives.
When it hears, 'Everything Has Ended',
That moment, it needs to be mended.

With that pain so terrible,
And hurt being inevitable,
'How Will We Stay Apart? ',
And 'Why? ', asks the kind heart....

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this is a lovely start, and welcome to PH thanks
An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned in beautiful rhyme scheme with conviction. Thanks for sharing Manal.

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