The Kind Hearted Quiet Achiever

By your money, property and type of job so many gauge your success
And though these three seem important what matter none the less
That you be a good person and live good as you can
For in time the oldest human being doesn't have a lengthy span.

One of my favourite people has to live off of welfare
And she's in her mid fifties with gray through her brown hair
She's been unemployed for two years and paid jobs for her type few
But she's a marvellous person and such good things she do.

She raised her three children on her own and she's now well past her prime
But to helping out the less well off she devotes hours of her time
Don't tell me she's not a success because she's on welfare
The way that we judge others not always very fair.

One of my neighbours a top bloke he now is seventy four
And he's worked hard since he left school for sixty years or more
You ask of him a favour and he'll help you if he can
And he's always helping others I like that sort of man.

Not a high profile person in the local social scene
And his photo in the newspaper can't say I've ever seen
But people as good as he is one don't meet every day
And for to help out others he goes out of his way.

The so called high achievers at the top of social tree
And with how success is gauged in life can't say that I agree
Not all of the best of people are seen on the T V
And the kind hearted quiet achiever always appeals to me.

by Francis Duggan

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