The Kind Of 'Labor' Most Enjoyed

I am not a rocket scientist.
But with the aid of observation,
I can tell you this...
Making things look easy to do,
Has a way of creating lazy people.

Often I've heard it said by others,
'They do what 'they' do because it is loved...
And easy.
Anybody can do that.
They don't have to work...
Like I do.'

And I have been in positions to 'see' that 'work'!
A blinded trained Seal could have produced much better.
This is not an exaggeration.

More folks sit back to procrastinate,
Than to get things done.
Not only discipline is missing.
People are just not accustomed to dedication.
They are dedicated to the wasting of time.
And 'getting-down-and-funky' over a three day weekend,
Best expresses that devotion to the kind of 'labor' most enjoyed.

To be followed by a Monday of complaints,
And expected pay.
For doing absolutely nothing until the middle of the week.
And me?
I could never find this acceptable.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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